8 ton boom truck load chart

NBT40-1 LOAD CHARTS & REACH DIAGRAM - ALL CraneWebBoom Trucks Carry Decks Conventional Truck Cranes Counter-Balance Crane Beams Crawler Cranes Heavy Hauling Equipment Heavy Rigging Equipment Hydraulic Truck Cranes Personnel Hoists Rough Terrain Cranes Specialized Rigging Equipment Tower Cranes For Sale Load Charts See All Load Charts By Tonnage Range 0-19 20-39 40 …NBT40-1 LOAD CHARTS & REACH DIAGRAM - ALL CraneWebLoad Charts. See All Load Charts; By Tonnage Range. 0-19; 20-39; 40-59; 60-79; 80-99; 100-199; 200-299; 300-399; 400-999; 1,000+ By Category. All Terrain Crane Rentals; Boom Trucks; Carry Deck Rentals; Conventional Truck Cranes; Crawler Crane Rentals; Hydraulic Truck Crane Rentals; Rough Terrain Crane Rentals; Specialized Rigging Equipment National NBT50L / NBT55L Load ChartWebLoad King Stinger 80-160 Boom Truck. The LK 80-160 has an 80-ton capacity, six-section, full power, 160-foot main boom. This boom features a new double-keel design that allows for a lighter, stronger boom than the four-plate it replaced. The crane has two single-stage cylinders that provide different operating modes: one focused on stability NATIONAL (Boom Truck) LOAD CHART - NCCCOWebMax. boom length (ft.) at max. elevation withstated rigging and loadblock at ground level Maximum Load (lb) 147 (includes45' ext.) 11280 2 102 22560 3 102 33840 4 81 45120 5 66 56400 6 55 67680 7 47 78960 8 40 90240 9 35 100000 31.2 FT. - 102 FT. BOOM ON OUTRIGGERS FULLY EXTENDED - 360° RadiusinFeet #0001 or #1001 Main Boom …

STINGER 80-160 Boom Truck - Load KingWebBoom Truck Cranes – Altec Inc Back to Cranes Boom Truck Cranes Advanced engineering and rigorous testing make Altec telescopic boom truck cranes top in their class. Altec cranes feature superior safety benefits and display Altec's dedication to provide customers value through crane safety, productivity and regulation compliance.CROSSOVER 8000 - terex.comWebFive-section full power 151 ft boom minimizes the need to swing a jib for faster setup and productivity Optional 11 m (36 ft) fixed offsettable lattice jib (0 15 30) Simple to use color graphical RCL display and integrated control system complete with truck and crane system monitoring. Troubleshoot with Manitowoc Diagnostic Smartphone App!MANITEX (Boom Truck) LOAD CHART - NCCCOWeb8 load charts THIS CHART IS ONLY A GUIDE AND SHOULD NOT BE USED TO OPERATE THE CRANE.The individual crane's load chart, operating instructions and other instructional plates must be read and understood prior to operating the crane. TMS 500 E P ou n ds Feet Main Boom Len g th in Fee t 29 40 50 60 70 80 90 95 9 80,000 (63) 10 …MANITOWOC (Truck Mount) LOAD CHART - NCCCOWebModel Crane Capacity Spec Classification Region SpecNumber Spec Sheet & Engineering Data Revision Number; GR-1600XL-3: 160 US ton (145 Metric ton) 200.1'(61m) boom, 59.1'(18m) Manual offset jib, Self-removable counterweight, Tier4F

National NBT50L / NBT55L Load ChartWebFind out more information on National NBT50L / NBT55L Boom Truck Crane. Free crane load chart download. Manitowoc has introduced the National Crane NBT50L Series of boom trucks at Crane Days 2018 in Shady Grove, Pennsylvania. The new line of cranes is an update to the popular NBT50 Series, adding more boom length for increased …NATIONAL (Boom Truck) LOAD CHART - NCCCOWeb4. The operating radius shown in the jib rating chart is for fully extended boom only. When boom is not fully extended, use only loaded boom angle to determine load rating of jib. 5. For boom angles shown on jib load rating chart, use rating of next lower boom angle. 6. For boom lengths not shown, use rating of nextAC38-127S – Altec IncWebDEDUCTIONS MUST BE MADE FROM RATED LOADS FOR STOWED JIB, OPTIONAL ATTACHMENTS, HOOKS, AND LOAD BLOCKS (SEE DEDUCTION CHART). WEIGHTS OF SLINGS AND ALL OTHER LOAD HANDLING DEVICES SHALL BECONSIDERED A PART OF THE LOAD. CRANE LOAD RATINGS WITH OUTRIGGERS ARE BASED ON …Boom Truck Cranes – Altec IncWeb1. Rated loads as shown on lift chart pertain to this equipment as originally manufactured. Modifications to theequipment or use of optional equipment other than that specified can result in a reduction of capacity.

MCC 2892SX 3/27 - ManitexWebBoom truck crane Datasheet imperial Features Freightliner Twin Steer / Tridem None 13,000 lbs No 75 US ton 184,460 lbs 36,830 lbs 47,630 lbs BOOM LOAD CHART Outriggers Fully Extended () Notes to lifting capacity Lifting capacities do not exceed 85% of tipping load . Weight of hook blocks and slings is part of the load, and is to be

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